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The Owl: Gluing

We have glued all of the frame parts today. One fun modification we will try is to use bamboo freshly cut from our land for the stringers and gunwales. (After drying and treating for termites.) bending and drying bamboo for gunwhales.

The Owl: All parts cut

All the parts are finished cutting… So we’ll begin assembly soon.

Maslow CNC: Refine calibration parameters

We found the problem on the calibration of our Maslow CNC when running some test cuts. While cutting horizontal lines, it curves down about 1-2 cm in the center, even when we set the correct measured distances for the CNC in the “groundcontrol.ini”file. Horizontal straight line curved down. This really isn’t a surprise. We’ve done…

The Owl: Cutting the frame for a skin-on-frame boat build

We have gotten interested in boating, everything from canal boats on the canals by our home to sailboats to row boats. So we thought “why not try our hands at building a boat?” We found an open boat design from Hermit Cove Boats bases on a skin-on-frame technique. It includes the plywood layouts in a…

Maslow CNC: First assembly and test made the chair

We found an opensource DIY Maslow CNC kit sold from this website. This CNC is made for cutting on an 8’x4′ sheet of any material (although probably usually plywood). We made some changes to the frame switching from wood to square steel pipe to made it durable since we have designed it to be outdoors….