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PocketShip: Installing the mast and boom gallows

PocketShip: Mounting an electric outboard

It will require some additional pieces to get the outboard to mount properly on the transom, but we ordered and received a Carroute 160 ft-lb electric outboard trolling motor. It will be interesting to test.

PocketShip : Welding our own custom trailer

We decided to weld our own custom trailer for towing the small boat, since we have access to good welders.

Pocketship : Cut the window ports

Window ports cut and round polycarbonate windows placed inside

Pocketship : painting the hull #3

After painting the hull blue, we marked off the boot strip using tape. All taping was done with the aid of a laser level. It marks a perfectly straight line on the hull in green laser that we can trace with the tape. Green laser line above bottom tape strip Zoom in to see the…