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PocketShip: custom rudder-outboard linkage

We created a simple linkage between the outboard and the back of the rudder that can easily be dropped in when running on outboard power and lifted out when tilting the outboard up for sailing.

PocketShip: Raising the sails for the first time

It took several months to receive the sailtracks we ordered from the USA. I’d guess this is related to the COVID-19 supply chain disruptions. But they finally arrived last Friday, and today we raised the sails for the first time! Next step is to tow the boat out to a sailing club where they have…

PocketShip: Second water test

After recently testing PocketShip in the water for the first time, there were a few minor issues to address with drain holes and the battery storage compartment and hatch locks. So we took the boat back out and fixed those. We also added a few cleats that arrived in the mail. And we mounted the…

PocketShip: hull ballast

The PocketShip requires aadditional hull ballast in the 150-200lb (70-90kg) range. This is in addition to the lead that was smelted into the centerboard and skeg. The manual uses lead, but we have over a hundred kilograms of steel rebar ballast we used for a time to level the floating house, so we decided to…

PocketShip: First water test

Having gotten the boat onto the trailer a few days ago, we decided to try a first test of PocketShip in the water. Since we live in a floating house in a pond in the middle of our land, and we built PocketShip in a tent on the side of the pond, in only made…

PocketShip: moving the boat onto the trailer

Hoisting the boat up on a winch Pushing the trailer underneath PocketShip on the trailer for the first time

PocketShip: Installing the mast and boom gallows

PocketShip: Mounting an electric outboard

It will require some additional pieces to get the outboard to mount properly on the transom, but we ordered and received a Carroute 160 ft-lb electric outboard trolling motor. It will be interesting to test.

PocketShip: Building the various spars

The mast design on the PocketShip is basically a hollow box sealed on the ends by a length of solid core for strength. Given how short it is, this was the easiest way for the designer to make it light and still buildable by home builders. But the other spars are solid. Finished mast Testing…

PocketShip : Welding our own custom trailer

We decided to weld our own custom trailer for towing the small boat, since we have access to good welders.