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Pocketship : Cut the window ports

Window ports cut and round polycarbonate windows placed inside

PocketShip: fiberglassing the top hull

We returned the boat to the right side up after finishing painting the bottom side of the hull. Now we mostly just have to finish the fiberglassing of the top hull and cutting the window holes and the hull will mostly be complete. This is also the first time I get to see the boat…

Pocketship : painting the hull #3

After painting the hull blue, we marked off the boot strip using tape. All taping was done with the aid of a laser level. It marks a perfectly straight line on the hull in green laser that we can trace with the tape. Green laser line above bottom tape strip Zoom in to see the…

PocketShip: painting the hull #2

We painted 2 coats of dark blue marine hull paint over the gray primer

PocketShip: painting the hull #1

White anti-fouling paint was added for the section of the hull below the water line Gray primer added for the section above the water line

PocketShip: Lay down the fiberglass on the keel

PocketShip: Fillet the keel

PocketShip: add mahogany rails around the hull

PocketShip: Cutting the cabin entry and fiberglassing the top surfaces

Pocketship: Glue the roof and transom