After painting the hull blue, we marked off the boot strip using tape.

All taping was done with the aid of a laser level.

It marks a perfectly straight line on the hull in green laser that we can trace with the tape.
Green laser line above bottom tape strip
Zoom in to see the green laser line above the bottom tape strip
Boot strip painted and tape removed
Boot strip painted and tape removed

The blue paint is a shade or two lighter than I would have liked, but it was the darkest blue we could easily source locally. My optimistic side hopes that when the hull is right-side-up, this hull portion will be angling away from the sun and be a shade darker naturally. But I’m not holding my breath. I still think it looks pretty nice.

Using the laser level, the lines are evenly spaced by height, not by distance on the surface of the hull. So looking down on the upside-down hull, the strips look uneven, thicker on the angled sections:

But this angle would be “looking up from the water” when the boat is actually sailing. When looking straight from the side, the thickness evens out:

(We have a 1.5″ wide blue stripe, then a 3″ white stripe.)

Except for a bit of minor cleanup, the hull painting is now complete!