Madness: Finished the ama and hoisting it up for storing it and starting the rudder build

Madness: Fiberglassing the ama bilge, side panel, and main bulkhead

PocketShip: custom rudder-outboard linkage

We created a simple linkage between the outboard and the back of the rudder that can easily be dropped in when running on outboard power and lifted out when tilting the outboard up for sailing.

Madness: cut ama bulkhead and baffle pieces

Madness: scarf and join ama side and bilge panel

Madness: Fabricating the daggerboard

New Project: “Madness”, a 31 foot Pacific Proa sailboat

Images copyrighted by Chesapeake Light Craft Back in May when I began looking for a first sailboat to build, I decided on the 15-foot PocketShip from CLC boats. As of today, that build is completed with the raising of the sails. We started out by building the 13 foot Mill Creek kayak, (also designed by…

PocketShip: Raising the sails for the first time

It took several months to receive the sailtracks we ordered from the USA. I’d guess this is related to the COVID-19 supply chain disruptions. But they finally arrived last Friday, and today we raised the sails for the first time! Next step is to tow the boat out to a sailing club where they have…

MuH : Bending wood for a table/desk

We are working on building a custom table/workdesk that is light enough to be easily mounted and also stowed away when not in use. We decided to go with bent plywood for its strength, lightweight, and attractiveness. We made it by bending and gluing together 4 layers of 3mm plywood. It hooks on the side…

PocketShip: Second water test

After recently testing PocketShip in the water for the first time, there were a few minor issues to address with drain holes and the battery storage compartment and hatch locks. So we took the boat back out and fixed those. We also added a few cleats that arrived in the mail. And we mounted the…