Having gotten the boat onto the trailer a few days ago, we decided to try a first test of PocketShip in the water. Since we live in a floating house in a pond in the middle of our land, and we built PocketShip in a tent on the side of the pond, in only made sense to try floating it in the pond before taking it to a lake or ocean for a first sailing test.

Moving the trailer into position
The boat is lined up with the makeshift boat ramp
And it starts raining just at the most tricky moment
We use a winch to lower the trailer (slowly) on the makeshift boat ramp
And PocketShip gets lowered into the water for the first time
And we temporarily tie it up to the floating house

After climbing aboard and trying out a number of operations (opening and closing the cabin doors, tying up, etc), we made a list of the minor issues we found and decided to take it back out of the water to make the apartments.