The PocketShip requires aadditional hull ballast in the 150-200lb (70-90kg) range. This is in addition to the lead that was smelted into the centerboard and skeg. The manual uses lead, but we have over a hundred kilograms of steel rebar ballast we used for a time to level the floating house, so we decided to use this.

First we cut the rebar into 30cm pieces and welded them together into flat packs of 6. Then we coated the rebar in two layers of anti rust paint followed by about 4 layers of white silicone, both to water proof it against rust and to soften it to prevent scratches of the hull. It also makes it very anti slip.

This picture shows the first 65kg (140lb) of ballast underneath the floor boards at the bottom of the boat.

This resulted in much more stability climbing in and out of the boat, and lowered the boat in the water to a more appropriate level.