Category: Pocketship

PocketShip: Add foam on the side, drill storage locker, and make rudder

PocketShip: seat storage hatches, inspection ports wood strip reinforcement

PocketShip: Install deck and sidewall

PocketShip: Installing flotation foam in the hull

The front of the hull holds about 4cu ft of foam. The back holds about 1.4 cu ft of foam. There will be more foam added later along the sides.

PocketShip: building and installing the cabin floor

The flooring of the cabin is made from 4″ x 0.75″ pine planks. We assembled it in folding panels so that ballast and other storage underneath can be easily accessed.

New construction tent

The rainy season is here, and with all the construction projects going on in our construction tent, we decided to order a larger (wider, longer, taller) construction tent to give more space for both projects and storage. The new tent dimensions are 5m × 12m and 3m tall.

PocketShip: Painting inside the hull

PocketShip: Reinforcing the plywood with lumber strips

PocketShip: Fiberglassing the inside of the hull

PocketShip: Applying fillets to every corner