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The Owl: Testing the boat in water

It took about two months to let the fresh bamboo we cut from our land dry out (held in a curved shape) and be ready to use as the stringers and gunwales.  But the stringers have been tied up and two layers of fiberglass skin added, and it’s time to try the boat out in…

The Owl: Tied the stringers and added the skin

 After we let the bamboo dry for 2 months, we started to tie the bamboo stringers and gunwhale with the main structure. Started tying from the center point of the center stringer, then cut each end of the stringer to the proper length and tied both ends.  Tied a bowline knot to the hole on…

The Owl: Gluing

We have glued all of the frame parts today. One fun modification we will try is to use bamboo freshly cut from our land for the stringers and gunwales. (After drying and treating for termites.) bending and drying bamboo for gunwhales.

The Owl: All parts cut

All the parts are finished cutting… So we’ll begin assembly soon.

The Owl: Cutting the frame for a skin-on-frame boat build

We have gotten interested in boating, everything from canal boats on the canals by our home to sailboats to row boats. So we thought “why not try our hands at building a boat?” We found an open boat design from Hermit Cove Boats bases on a skin-on-frame technique. It includes the plywood layouts in a…