We found an opensource DIY Maslow CNC kit sold from this website. This CNC is made for cutting on an 8’x4′ sheet of any material (although probably usually plywood). We made some changes to the frame switching from wood to square steel pipe to made it durable since we have designed it to be outdoors.

First build of the Maslow CNC beside the north storage.
Z axis motor was added on router manual adjust.

We test CNC by cut Opendesk slim chair. It can be done in one plywood.

CNC was cutting slim chair parts.
Chair parts has an error on pocket the slot.

For the first run, cutting sled stuck on the edge of finished workpiece. result is not good so we design to made new round sled from CNC, sand on the edge to prevent stuck.

New round sled, CNC made.

We continue on made the chair. Result is not bad, unless it’s 1.5x size of the standard chair 😆. So next time we should check the dimension before cut.

All chair parts were cutted.
Standard chair compare with slim chair.